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Rebecca Bennett


About Me

I want documents to tell a structured story. ​Regardless of the form or function, I can help you tell ​that story.

I’ve been professionally formatting and editing ​documents for almost 10 years. I’m passionate about ​working with clients to create a polished final product. ​Clean formatting and plain language can transform ​any document.

I am a Senior Editor at Apparition Lit and Managing ​Editor at Heartlines Spec. In these roles, I regularly ​copyedit, proofread, and re-structure short stories. I ​know how to hit a story’s beats and when to cut ​extraneous information.

Short Stories

Give Them No Quarter, Tell Them All Lies, Bourbon Penn, ​forthcoming

Hollow Bones Leave Sharp Marks, Crow & Cross Keys, ​forthcoming


The Universe Down the Hall is Just OK, Star*Line, forthcoming

Moonlighting, Polu Texni (October 2022)

The Parting of Giants, Liminality (Issue #21, August 2019)

Eurydice Stands with Attitude, Strange Horizons (April 22, 2019)


Planting the Seed: From Now and Then to Beneath a ​Sugar Sky, Apparition Lit (Issue 7: Retribution, July ​2019)

The Horrors of the Unseen, Apparition Lit (Issue 3: ​Delusion, July 2018)

TTRPG Campaigns

Enemy Mine, One Page Dungeon Contest 2023 ​(Honourable Mention)

Burying Grounds of Pavel Theta, SSTO Press, ​Mothership 3rd Party RPG, (2022)