NaNoWriMo – Week One

November 1- November 7, 2012

There was a lot of head banging on Day One. Not the fun, let’s play hair metal and jump around. More like the, ‘oh god, I’m stupid, everything I do is stupid’.

I’m one of those people, who, if I ever make my goals known to people, get really negative about the whole thing. I can go from ’heck yes, I’m amazing’ to ’dear god what have I done’ in a matter of seconds. There was a lot of that on day one.

I had forgotten how to write. Everything was stilted, everything was reactionary and dull. It pretty much made me want to throw in the towel. I managed to get a little over 1000 words written.  Unfortunately, they are, objectively speaking, pretty bad. For a prologue that needed to explain the rules of magic of my world, set up the villains and start a wave of devastation, there was a whole lot of nothing.

I spent the rest of the night alternating between moping and panicking.

Day Two. Well, Day Two was awesome. I came home from work pissed off. It was a shitty day, I was in a shitty mood. I wanted to dropkick the world. But, I was alone for the evening so instead of subjecting to my boyfriend to my misery, I ended up on my laptop writing.

Despite my foul mood, I ended up finding my voice and writing style. It was hidden under layers of aggression! There wasn’t as much detail as I normally like to have, but I think that’s because I’m used to editing as I write. It’s a first draft, no one will see it but me.

Day Three and Four. Eh, less awesome. I went a little over my word counts but not by much. I had planned on writing around 6000 words over the two days, but ended up with around 4000 words. Good in the grande scheme of things, but not great.

I also started panicking that there is a bunch of set up still left to do. I’m worried about alienating future readers because nothing much happens in the first couple of chapters – the only things that do happen are only interesting if you like the main character. I ended up writing a few notes about the problems I’m having, hopefully Future Me will revisit this at the second draft and fix everything.

I realized quite early into Day Five that I never drafted the inciting events that set everything in motion. I forgot about planning that part between set-up and fun adventure time. I ended up winging it, introducing some characters earlier than expected – but I think it makes sense.

Day Six was all fun adventure time. I was so close to hitting 20,000 words that I had to keep writing. My writing is smoother, more detailed, more fun. I like where the novel is heading.

Day Seven. I’m resting today. I plan on catching up on work, going to the gym, and playing boardgames all evening.

Word Count (as of Nov. 6): 20,014