100K in 100 Days

So far I’ve already failed one of my New Year’s Resolutions. I had intended to start being more accessible via cellphone, email or messaging. Unfortunately my chintzy hermit-like behaviour has already won out and my cellphone has been starved of power for much too long.  

What I have been doing well with is the 100K in 100 Days challenge. It’s a writing challenge I talked about in an earlier post, where you aim for 100,000 words at the end of 100 days. If my stellar math skills are correct, it works out beautifully to being 1000 words a day. The challenge started January 1st and ends April 10th. 

I work best with deadlines. It’s partly why I excel at my job in the legal field where there are constant deadlines. I need structure in my work life, which is funny because I am a haphazard-flailing mess most of the time. 

I’m using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of both my word count and projects. I’m mostly on-target but I’m not a real stickler for meeting daily word counts. I’m used to having my writing ebbing and flowing.

What’s interesting about the 100K in 100 Days challenge is that the word count goal can apply to multiple projects. So you could apply it to certain blog posts, school work or side projects. I would like to be sneaky and have my writing critiques or blog posts apply, but I’ve always felt like that violates the spirit of the project. It’s too akin to adding nonsense words or character bios to pad out NaNoWriMo word counts. What’s the point? 

Speaking of, I’ve finally returned focus to my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel. December was just a mess of a month, something I should have planned around but didn’t. I’m using the 100K goal to add the final 30K to my novel and start producing short stories. 

I’ve never been a fan of short stories. I’ve never really written them. I don’t think that my old vignettes or drabbles really count, they weren’t self-contained stories but rather parts of a whole. I have an arrangement with a friend to start a small writing group – something I really hope pulls through. As much as I like working on my own, I’m having some problems with viewpoints and structuring that I think having another pair of eyes could help sort out. 

Expect unsolicited updates throughout the next 95 days of what I’m working on and its status. This could be a terrible idea, but I’m excited to see it through.