January’s Writing Progress (100K in 100 Days)

As you know in January I started the 100K in 100 day challenge. I broke-down the overall 100K word-count into a goal of 34K a month, that way I would (hopefully) be guaranteed to meet the goal count before the April 10th deadline.  

I’m using a yearly word-count spreadsheet (created by Svenga Liv) which keeps track of yearly and monthly goals. It’s pretty much the best thing possible if you love graphs and data. Below is January’s total:


I didn’t hit the 34K goal for January. But I did reach about 22K. I still haven’t finished my novel, but I’m much closer to my 80K goal for the 1st draft. To reach the 34K goal in January I would have had to write 1097 words a day, as you can see I averaged the month at 710. 

I didn’t write every day. In fact, there were a couple of times where I didn’t write during the week at all. I learned that I tend to write more during the weekend, or the beginning of the week. On the downside, I did notice that  get the best writing inspiration at about 2pm at work – which doesn’t really fly. I ended up making a folder in Google Drive where I would sketch out scenes or plot ideas during a free moment. This way I wouldn’t lose any ideas regardless of where I was writing from. 

February is shaping up to be a beast of a month. I’m upping my monthly goal to 50K in order to make up for the missed word-count in January. As well, in February there is a mini-NaNoWriMo (or I suppose FeWriMo?) that is being held on the Reddit sub-forum ’Novel This Month’. I don’t really plan on meeting that 50K goal, but I’ll enjoy following the community. So this changes my writing goal to 1786 words/day.

Overall its been a productive month, as well as the fiction writing, I’ve been keeping up with blogging and critiques. I began writing short fiction finishing 2 short stories, 1 drabble (a story under 1000 words) and I’m still working on a sci-fi short story.  I really enjoyed branching out in short fiction, in fact I noticed a substantial increase in my word count on the days that followed writing a short-story. Though I must be a masochist because I’m treating one of the short-stories I wrote as a prequel to a novel. With luck, I’ll be writing more short fiction that I can polish and submit to various presses.