Impersonally Personal

So, long story short: there’ll be more personal blog posts this year.

The key to good writing is to be emotionally engaged. That’s something I have a lot of trouble with and am actively trying to overcome.

I stopped writing for my blog for almost a year – I never stopped writing posts, but I stopped doing anything with them. I hit a low period and questioned everything I did and why. I wasn’t sure what I wanted this to blog be. A blog for writing tips? Eh, there’s thousands of those – besides I’m sure my few readers have noticed that my writing tips come with rather lengthy side stories. A public profile to pull potential publishers? I’m nowhere polished or professional enough for something like that (I am however, well-versed in alliteration).

I’m working on some personal essays and, when finished, I’m going to post them. This doesn’t mean bullshit diaries entries or anything like that. I won’t be writing up what I ate for breakfast. There are things rattling in my head for years that I want to chisel out.