I’ve been professionally formatting and editing documents for almost 10 years. I’m passionate about working with clients to create a polished final product. Clean formatting and plain language can transform any document.

I also exercise my writing muscles by writing short stories, reviewing novels for a book blog, and acting as Associate Editor at Apparition Lit. As a member of an online writing critique group, I’ve copy edited, proofread, and re-structured short stories. I know how to hit a story’s beats and when to cut extraneous information.


In 2008, I graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts. I achieved a combined honours in English and Film studies and a minor in Law. These courses improved my ability to focus and narrow large amounts of information. After university, I followed my interest in common law and completed a Law Clerk certification at Algonquin College.

Work History

As the sole Law Clerk and Legal Assistant at a boutique law firm, I became accustomed to working with multiple, fast-paced files and ensured that no deadline was missed. I memorized and applied internal, and departmental, style guides to legal documents. I worked directly with clients to both assess their document needs and the Registry requirements.

I used advanced Microsoft Word features to strip and reformat documents, merge different edited versions, and create style sets for templates. I regularly wrote, and designed, internal office manuals, PowerPoint presentations for CLEs, Newsletters, and brainstormed firm marketing initiatives

Technical Writing

When designing and writing a Request for Proposal (RFP), I enjoyed organizing and condensing information to fit parameters. As I produced more inter-office manuals, and was encouraged to write more, I became interested in Technical Writing as an alternative career path. At Algonquin College’s Technical Writing program, I have refined my professional writing skills.

I want documents to tell a structured story. Regardless of the form or function, I can help you tell that story.

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