Are you looking for someone to review your work? I can provide substantive editing and copyediting. I’m happy to work with individuals or businesses to:

  • prepare documents within strict deadlines for production
  • retool and reformat Word documents
  • write content (such as User Manuals, User Guides, Proposals and web content)
  • consult with authors about short stories and novel structure
  • produce charts, maps, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • create and convert ebooks

I am a writer, editor, and document specialist. I want documents to tell a structured story. Regardless of the form or function, I can help you tell that story.

What is substantive editing?

Substantive editing looks at the overall structure of a document. In writing, it’s ensuring that the tone, pacing, formatting, and content is appropriate for the context.

This type of edit doesn’t focus on copyediting or proofreading. I’ll likely fix typos as I read, but substantive editing should never be relied on before publication.

What is a document specialist?

A document specialist maintains and formats documents. Using Word, Adobe, and other word-processing programs, I create document templates, apply style sets, and standardize content.