Lock v. Idea – A look into Plot and Structure

I’m at the stage with my novel that I’ve started to consider the revision process. I still have a couple chapters to write, but I need start figuring out my next steps.Throughout, I’ve been making document notes in my Scrivener project as to certain plot elements or character changes that occurred when writing. This lead … Continue reading Lock v. Idea – A look into Plot and Structure

Novel Plotting: Character Names

During my novel planning, the first thing I really focused on was Character Sketching. Which actually means the first thing I focused on were Character Names.  Naming characters is probably the most enjoyable and most aggravating part of  novel planning. For some reason, it seems that a character’s personality hinges on the perfect name. People … Continue reading Novel Plotting: Character Names

Writing Fight Scenes: One-Two Punch

Fighting is a fairly alien concept for me. I’m not particularly active, I don’t nurse many grudges and my form of anger is insanely passive aggressive. I’m not one to throw a punch. I’ve been in precisely one fight in my life, I was in the 4th grade and this other kid in my class … Continue reading Writing Fight Scenes: One-Two Punch